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One of the most widely used tactics for driving traffic these days is SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. Because of this, FinancialContent has started offering an SEO Package, which can help you extend your SEO efforts with your own pages into the pages we host for you as well.

As part of our SEO Package, our engineers will work with your development team to create keywords, titles, and other meta data. This meta data is contextually added to our pages, so that you can have different keywords for different pages & content. The particular keywords a search engine will see is based on criteria such as:

  • Content Type
  • Page Requested
  • Current Stock Quote
  • More...

We've found through our testing that adding specific keywords for a client can increase search engine traffic by 10-20 times, and is a very easy & inexpensive way to increase traffic.

To see our SEO Package in action, visit: http://finance.boston.com

I hope that you do plenty of your own research on SEO, so i'd like to also recommending the following resources:

Seomoz Guide to SEO

John Batelle Leading Blog

SUBMITexpress Meta Tag Analyzer

Search Engine Watch News tools and more

If you have any questions, please email: stephen@financialcontent.com

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